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Kids Needlepoint Kit - Whale

Kids Needlepoint Kit - Whale

The design is printed on heavy, short stitch fabric net, so there's no need for embroidered hoop. That makes the embroidery kit easy for younger children age 6 and up, and for elderly folks.

After you finish your work, just fold the cardboard package (as instructed on the package), and turn it into an Eco friendly frame. Place your needlepointart into the frame, and decorate the frame using Sharpie’s, washi tape and even some sparkles


    - printed pattern on heavy fabric net 
    - colorful yarn 
    - a stainless steel, round tip embroidery needle
    - recycled cardboard frame
    - full instructions of how to stitch and how to make the package into a frame.


      -image size: 16cm X 16cm
      -frame size: 20cm X 20cm

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